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A few casestudies to illustrate our Move! Work

These casestudies describe our approach in a number of projects with our customers.  You can also download each of the cases in a pdf format. These cases have been written with full support and based on feedback of our respective customers.

Coaching & Co : Community of Practice at UC Leuven Limburg

Move! worked with the University College Leuven-Limburg to set up a Community of Practice on 'Coaching & Co'.  It brings teachers, managers, counselors, etc... together in order to learn with and from eachother from their experience using differt 'coaching like' methodologies with students, members of staff, or outside organizations they work with as 'consultants'.  It is not only about 'learning' but also about developing a common sense of ownership by the professonals for this...

ERM Towards a Learning Organization

 Context & Issues

ERMERM Belgium - Holland, is a subsidiary of a large US based Environment and Sustainability consultant.  The organization we worked with counts +/- 60 Consultants and management committee consists out of 6 Partners.  One of the issues of ERM was the difficulty within a consulting context to develop junior consultants and have them coached and meterod by their senior colleagues.  Their original idea was train senior consultants in delegation and coaching skills.