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Move! is a small, international consulting practice, focusing on Organizational Development, Change & Learning, in all kinds of businesses and social profit organizations.

We focus our interventions on Organizational Development as defined by Burke & Bradford (2005) : "Based on set of values, largely humanistic; application of the behavioral sciences and open systems theory, organization development is a system-wide process of planned change aimed toward improving overall organization effectiveness by way of enhanced congruence of such key organizational dimensions as external environment, mission, strategy, leadership, culture, structure, information, reward systems, work policies and procedures".

We look at organizations as social systems where people work together towards a shared purpose, with an ethic of contribution and the intention to collaborate. Our interventions help to create the conditions to make that happen and facilitate behavior change. The final goal being overall organizational performance and added value for all stakeholders. In that sense we support organizations to develop their social and societal responsibility and focus on the sustainable development of the organization.

Congruenc ModelAll our interventions are focusing on congruence and alignment and involve questions such as :

  • Is our strategy adapted to our changing business environment and our internal organizational resources and competences ?
  • Is our organizational culture, structure, management practices, leadership, workplace design and Human Resources policies and practices triggering the behaviors we need for succesfull implementation of our strategy ?
  • Are we as an organization a Learning Organization, capable of change and innovation and do we have effective learning and development strategies in place at an organizational, team and individual level ?
  • Is our organization and the way we work together producing sustainable added value for all stakeholders  (Corporate Social and Societal Responsibility) ?

We create a collaborative consulting relationship, maximizing stakeholder involvement and using knowledge, experience and energy of people in the organization.  We trigger, challenge, support ... without accepting the monkey !  Move! takes on in that process different roles, such as : 

  • Consultant & Process Designer
  • Process Facilitator (including workshops)
  • (Team) Coach & Motivator
  • Expert advisor in the fields of OD, Learning, HRM & Change
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