Move! Is no longer active as an independent consulting business. However we will make all info, tools, ebooks, articles etc..available soon. We will restructure our websites to that effect, in the coming months.  Website and email addresses remain unchanged.

Thanks for your understanding. Clement

Make it happen, with others, learn from it and improve is something I learned as a teenager in high-school and youth movement and as they say : what is more rewarding than making your hobby into a profession.

And now, 30 years later I am still passionate about people who together in organizations and teams, try to contribute to their shared purpose.  I had the tremendous opportunity to 'live' organizational development from very diverse and different points of view and roles : team manager, trainer and instructional designer, coach for technical trainers in organizations, internal consultant, change manager, director for OD and Learning, as policy maker.

My work with my colleagues in very diverse, multinational, global organizations made me the OD & HR professional I am today. Life Long Learning in the flesh.

I evolved from a trainer, passionate about competency development of individuals towards a systemic view on how people could effectively work and learn together, create focused and aligned energy, where they can do more because they do it together and could create a new, innovative and sustainable future for themselves, the organization and the society.

icon resumeAnd helping others to find that passion and add to that energy towards sustainable performance is why I became, after twenty years of OD and HRD practice, a coach and process consultant for managers & teams in organizations and for my students in the Louvain University (KULeuven). 


Move! Organizational Learning.

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